Multiple Orgasm

This week we finished the songs for the "Multiple Orgasm" box. When I've listened to the cassette over the last two or three days I've been thinking about all the wonderful groups and singers who have been our inspiration in making these records, people like TOMMY JAMES AND THE SHONDELLS, whose "Do Something To Me" we have a go at, THE LEMON PIPERS and people like that. Maybe it would be a good idea if you stopped buying all those bad new records and bought some great old ones like "Dizzy" by TOMMY ROE, anything by THE OHIO EXPRESS, all the SCOTT WALKER albums (but not The Walker Brothers), APHRODITE'S CHILD "666", "Jingle Jangle" and "Sugar Sugar" by THE ARCHIES (and buy some of the old comics...not the new ones), THE SEEDS (especially "Raw And Alive" and "Beautiful Stars"), all THE MONKEES records of course, THE BANANA SPLITS (Hue has the album and if anyone can fine me a copy too I'll love you forever and ever and kiss you all over!), basically anything by those KASENETZ-KATZ people, the first LP by THE CARPENTERS, all three records by THE MC5 plus that "Looking At You" single on that French label, THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY (especially "Datebook"), obviously you need everything by JOHN'S CHILDREN and THE CREATION, and it would be a good idea if you bought "Pet Sounds" and anything else by THE BEACH BOYS soon.

At the moment it's nice that there are bands like THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS doing what they're doing, so listen to them and to OPAL and THE SEA URCHINS, but it's still the best thing to go straight to the oldies section in Virgin Megastore or around the corner in Vinyl Experience and get "Self Conscious Over You" by THE OUTCASTS, any of the records by THE STOOGES, "Be Thankful For What You've Got" by WILLIAM DEVAUGHN, the first MEATLOAF album (a particular favourite in the Pooh Sticks bus, that one!) or THE CLASH debut LP. And if you've got enough money left over you should get everything (especially "Mass In F Minor") by THE ELECTRIC PRUNES, "Mendocino" by THE SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET, a live LINK WRAY album, THE CRYSTALS, THE RONETTES and all those other girl groups like THE CHIFFONS, THE ANGELS ("My Boyfriend's Back") and THE HONEYS, (you don't need me to tell you that you should already own THE SHIRELLES "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", the best record ever made, or all those other CAROLE KING classics).

The day we started recording these songs Alison showed up at my house clutching a copy of SIMON NAPIER-BELL's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" book so we were late getting to the "studio" because we spent all morning listening to THE YARDBIRDS and WHAM! So then I got all the blame for leading her astray! Nobody understands me. So anyway I told them I'd been up all night shagging STEPHEN PASTEL and I wouldn't have been any good in the morning anyway. The rest of the group had been in the stuff like "Morning Dew" by TIM ROSE, BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, NEIL YOUNG, TIM BUCKLEY, THE BYRDS, THE BEATLES ("In My Life" off "Rubber Soul"), THE BAY CITY ROLLERS, KENNY, SONIC YOUTH, several BURT BACHARACH songs, a couple of tunes from WEST SIDE STORY whoever that's by?, And THE MYSTERIANS, "My Pal Foot Foot" by THE SHAGGS (but the second LP is shit), LOVE, MANFRED MANN doing "Up The Junction" and all that sort of thing. She plays that tape all the time. Once she lost it and we had to put up with Paul's number one tape with JAMES TAYLOR, STEELY DAN, and THE EAGLES on it. He tells us we'll get to like "Sheer Heart Attack" by QUEEN one day, but I think he's talking out of his bottom. I still go for Hue's Banana Splits record and STINGRAY singles! But then Paul's older than me (who isn't?) and he's telling me I should be into THE STONE ROSES and not THE VASELINES. What does he know? At least we agree on early OSMONDS, the first JESUS AND MARY CHAIN album, "Everything's Tuesday" by CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD, THE HERD, THE SHANGRILAS, "Bookends" by SIMON & GARFUNKLE and PAUL SIMON's "Mother And Child Reunion", DAVID AND THE GIANTS, GARY GLITTER, the DAVID ESSEX "Stardust" film and PAUL JONES in "Privelege", early RED KROSS, SAGITARRIUS, THE MODERN LOVERS, all the singles by THE RUBINOOS and just about everything on the Beserkley label, THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES "Shake Some Action" and "Now" records, THE RECORDS, "Hooked On A Feeling" by JONATHAN KING, THE TROGGS and THE WOMBLES! If anyone has one of those HERBS albums then you should send me one so I can bribe Hue into letting me write songs on the next album! He tells me it would be like Ringo writing for The Beatles but that doesn't really mean a lot to me because I really liked "It Don't Come Easy" so maybe if I listened to his solo records they'd be good. What do you think? I'll have to ask AMELIA FLETCHER because she knows what I like and she's older than me and she's bound to have heard some of those records.

Anyway, we really enjoyed making the record (it didn't take that long and we were able to get to Joe's for an ice cream by five on the Sunday) and hopefully you'll enjoy listening to it. If not it's probably because you want to hear more tambourine so write to Hue and tell him!

love Trudi
October 1988