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Optimistic Fool

It's Opening Night, she's your favourite star and today she's said she wants you as her one true love. You marvel at her poise, her dignity, her unplumbed depths in Cool In A Crisis. Then Starfishing has Swansea as Utopia (and you as The Nazz, no doubt) and Optimistic Fool - hard to get, but I'll get you yet - is followed by Who Was It?, in which another fitful night leads to yet another hopeful morning. You thank God for caffeine in this world with Bad Morning Girl and You'll find you can sing Miss Me in the bath. Working On A Beautiful Thing is next, in which all the patience pays off, and then it's Up On The Roof where the clouds drip and you make a hole in the wind. Then Prayer For My Demo, in which she's leaving but you're still expected to worry about contract options. And All Things Must Pass is a triple box-set in none more black. Song Cycle - you can run (write) but you can't hide - is trailed at the end by First Of a Million Love Songs, in which everything changes whether we like it or not. That's it.